September 18, 2017

Up early and back on the road in search of tarps. We hit the banks to exchange US dollars for pesos and then headed off to the mom and pop hardware stores to locate tarps. We did locate more tarps. I think we have about 50 or so. That will be a good start. This is an all day affair and we are headed back to Oaxaca tomorrow. The plan is to leave the tarps with Pastor Juan and allow him to distribute them as needed on a case by case need. It is unfortunate that we can not be a part of the distribution but have total confidence that the tarps are in good hands. Pastor Juan will take pics and report to us and as he does we will post pics for our followers. In the morning will make our way back to Oaxaca stay the night and fly out early Wednesday morning. At least that’s the plan. When we arrived back in Iztaltepec with the tarps you would have thought we were carrying the holy grail. The folks were so excited. Pastor Juan was not available when we got back late this afternoon so he will start the distribution in the morning. Usually we are a part of the process but this is a unique situation so all we can do is turn it over to him which is what needs to happen anyway. We will bed down for the night and get up early then have a conversation with the pastor before heading out. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.