Safely Back Into the Chaos

As we approached Port au Prince from the air it was evident that there was little change. The only change I could see was that the tent cities were more numerous and larger than a few weeks back.

We got off the plane and they are obviously trying to upgrade the airport somewhat. The main terminal is still shut down but they have built a new air conditioned off ramp from the plane. Pre-quake they just dropped you off out on the tarmac and you had to walk the runway to get to the main building.

As I walked down this cool a/c off ramp I thought to myself, “Ya know this is almost too good to be true and when it seems things are too good to be true they aren’t.” True to form. When we reached the end of the ramp at least we were met by some live Haitian music greeting us into the country.

All good things must end and we had come to that end. We had a choice either ride this funky crowded bus or walk the runway over to the temporary main terminal, so Chuck and I walked. I never asked Dale what he did because he was one of the first on the plane and the last to get off. Hence, the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Once we all hooked up we went into the building to retrieve our luggage and that’s where all went south quick. They just took all the luggage from all the planes and basically dumped it in a pile. It was absolute unorganized chaos which turned into mayhem which turned into mass confusion. After an hour or so we located all our bags, met our dear friends Harry and JoeJoe and headed to Dottie’s for supper and a shower and a nice peaceful night of listening to the generator run all night. All is well though and look forward to seeing what God has in store for us this time. Thank you Lord Jesus,