Returning Home from Haiti

Rode hard and put up wet. I have logged many hours of drive time in the big truck. I always have mixed feelings on the last day here in Haiti. I do look forward to seeing my beautiful wife Kim and our wonderful girls, but part of me would like to stay on and on and on. The friends I have here have a tough life as do most Haitians. I guess the best thing at this point is to get home regroup and start listening to God’s call to get back.

I have learned so much on this trip, especially the traveling in the city part. I believe I could get anywhere that we have been serving without a problem. Even the short cuts have been embedded in my brain. GMSM and Dale Winslette were a huge part of the mission trip that TEM members are fixing to embark on. We pass the torch to you and I am sure most will not have a clue of what we helped prepare for them. That is cool though; behind the scenes is where it’s at.

Today we went out to Love a Child Mission to get some food from Feed My Starving Children also known as FMSC, to take out to the provinces. We also bought more rice. beans etc. Some of the CEO’s form FMSC were out at Love a Child and I was able to introduce our ministry and meet them personally. That was a treat since we are trying to begin a partnership with them for our Mexico work.

We drove all the way back up to Z’Orange and back, went to Harry’s church and then back to Dottie’s. It was an all day affair and a grueling task. I am starting to see some needs that GMSM can start helping. I must pray hard that God will allow us to be a part in reaching these needs. All in all another great time in Haiti and feel blessed to be a part of this great country and its beautiful people. Needs are great and the workers are few for this hard country. Only God can change this place. I hope and pray that the Haitian Christians will continue to stand tall and be bold to face this country head on. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.