Report From Haiti

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I thank all of you who continue to pray and faithfully provide to GMSM so that we can continue to expand God’s Kingdom.

GMSM teamed up with TEM of FWB to once again minister to the people of Haiti. Chuck Martindale, George Truelove, a missionary serving in Haiti for over 20 years, and I spent a week in Port Au Prince preparing for the team that would arrive a week after us .

The preparations consisted of purchasing food, building supplies and doing maintenance on Gabriel (the truck). George and I also spent a morning welding the front and back ends of the shade house.

We stayed the week at Dotty’s guest house, a place where we rested in the evenings and spiritually renewed ourselves. Dotty is a wonderful Christian lady who has a heart for the children of Haiti.

We picked up the arriving team on Saturday November 1st at the air port. The group consisted of people from Missouri, South Carolina, Florida and Haiti.

Once we arrived in Z’Orange we met to discuss the week’s schedule of activities, which included a medical clinic in the village, VBS and hut to hut evangelism. Will Tiller, Clint Downing and I (all from FWB) traveled up the mountain to the village of Columbeeya, to the home of pastor and sister Fani (where I spent time last March ’08) Once again they treated us with so much love and hospitality.

We spent a lot of time in fellowship with the pastor, his wife and local people. Additionally, we built a shade house (for growing crops), did hut to hut evangelizing and preached in the village church. The faith that these people have is so amazing! God works in many different ways when you don’t have the distractions that we have.

Life is simple and lived to the fullest with Christ Jesus the focus for these village people. It is quite refreshing to witness the belief and faith that comes from the Christians out in the bush.

I thank God for the opportunity that he has given me to serve in Haiti and Mexico. Please continue to pray about how you can be a part of what God is doing through GMSM.

God bless you,
Matt. 25:31
Kenny Phillips Founder/Director
Give Me Shelter Ministries