Oaxaca Earthquake Relief

November 30

We woke up early and as always hit the ground running. We meet with the Pastor and some of the people to discuss a possible plan. Our thoughts were accepted.

So much damage still remains.

We are still looking for a brick machine but we are having some difficulty. Seems people are buying them up. One of the issues in this area is that the mayor of this small community has bought a large machine and has inflated the price per block, taking full advantage of the situation. Sounds familiar for when the hurricanes hit our area Home Depot and Lowe’s jump on the exploitation bandwagon.

Hand mixing concrete to start laying blocks

The government here has given most people paid credit cards to start the rebuild process. The problem is it’s not enough to complete the home. I see many different country agencies doing many different things. As I surveyed the small town, I see many homes being repaired or rebuilt but the one thing I was not seeing were latrines or bathrooms.

Getting started on a latrine.

I talked to the pastor about this and he confirmed that this is a huge problem. This is how many other issues can get started so we decided for the health of the people, we will build some latrines. This will include a toilet and a bathing area. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.