Mission to Mexico, November 11, 2009

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. What a great day the Lord gave us. The house work is going so smooth and good. The guys are working together with such unity. We as the body of Christ should take a hard look at these kinds of things and model our relationship with Christ’s church in a way that has one common goal, kingdom expansion. It has been so cool so far how God has orchestrated this team. We all have certain levels of talent, yet each one compliments the other. Kind of like when Paul tells us we need the whole body not just pieces and parts of it. It takes the whole thing to work proper. This has really given me the opportunity to soak in all the goodness of the Lords plan through this project. I am usually the one that has to spearhead the whole process of the house building. Although everyone seems to look to me for direction, I can let go and distribute the work out and the guys just pick up and go with it. These men could probably do this on their own without me but for some crazy reason God has put me in the leadership role of His ministry, GMSM. We have in the past had some teams that just did not mesh together. Some with their own agendas and some teams that flat out had too many chiefs and not enough Indians. I wonder sometimes what truly motivates man. I guess that is one thing I really do not have to worry about. My focus is on trying to be the example that God wants me to be. So with all that said, praise God for this wonderful team God has assembled. After only two days we are 90% complete.
Today a neighbor named Johnny came over to see what all we were doing. He is a super kind dude. This cat kept an eye on me and soon enough we were joking around and he began to really help us out. Johnny and I just seemed to mesh. As the afternoon wore on I felt the Lord leading me to talk with this dude about spiritual things. We worked till almost dark today and after all was cleaned up I just had to share Christ with him. He was very receptive and said he was Catholic but know one had ever said things to him like that before. I asked if we could talk more tomorrow and he said that would be cool. I thanked him for his help and told him that I thought God brought him over today for a different reason other than to help on the house. All I did was share about God’s grace and mercy through his son Jesus. I did not ask him to make a “decision”. God will take care of the rest. Praise the Lord for this team working together well that allowed me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. After all are we here to build houses or the kingdom.