Mission to Mexico, November 10, 2009

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. After a not so good night sleep we headed off to the house site. We were met by the Quietero family and Pastor Felipe and his family. As we greeted each other Felipe told me how they had seen the web site and picture of the family. They printed the picture off and gave it to the family and they were so excited. I asked Nathaniel (the pastor’s son) where they saw the web site and he said at a cyber café. As we started work you could see the joy in the eyes of this couple. Words can never describe the joy God has allowed us to receive by doing something so simple. The day went so well and it is a joy to work with a group of talented men. It truly gives me a time of renewal not having to oversee everything. We accomplished so much today. We did not even start work till 10:00 a.m. and by 4:00 we had all the walls up and ready for siding.
The house this family lives in now is twice as small as the house we are building. They sleep on the ground and as you can see by the picture that it is not a very pleasant place to live. But as of now it is all they have and there are so many families just like this one that live in incredible conditions. Right now God is allowing us to provide for one family at a time. Our hope and prayer is that the redemptive plan through Jesus might be shared by the things that God allows us to do and that He continues to open the door for us to share the gift of salvation. After the day we went to the ever famous Pollo Buenavista for a meal of grilled pollo. After that a quick trip to the Soreana for ice cream and then back to the orphanage to hear the kids going crazy and having fun till the wee hours of the morning Thank you God for another blessed day.