Mission to Haiti this Week

"Letters from Paul" dolls for the Haitian children

GMSM is partnering up with Immanuel United Methodist Church out of Lakeside Park, Ky. We will be going to Peligre Haiti to an orphanage. IUMC will have 7 members joining GMSM one being the lead pastor Kelly McClendon. This will be the first time that we have taken a group to this area. We will spend time with Fede the overseer of the Peligre Hope orphanage and his family to cast a vision on how God would allow us to be used to help minister in this village. This is a very exciting time for GMSM and IUMC. We will also be joined by Matt Ashkoff of Peligre Hope Partners and Dale Winslette who we be going down with me.

The congregation of Immanuel United Methodist Church collected school supplies, food and flip-flops to take the children.  Jennifer and Abbey Ogilvie and family from First Baptist Church Ft. Walton Beach hand-made 80 “Letters from Paul” dolls that send encouragement and love to the children of the orphanage in the name of Jesus.

Here is the announcement from IUMC to their congregation:

IUMC Haiti Vision Trip