Haiti Raise the Roof Project

By His grace and His provision we are back in Cayette, Haiti getting the roofs on 20 houses in this small village. With the efforts of Conscience International and Give Shelter Ministries we are able to continue this re development project which is now a year old. As always I met Harry and Finder at the airport, secured the rental and took off to Les Ceyes. Once we arrived we found a room. It’s at least a 4-5 hour drive from Port au Prince. We hit
the rack for some much needed rest. Starting tomorrow it will be busy for the next 5 days. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


Tin and Tarps – Do You Have a Roof Over Your Head Today?

We are in a tumultuous season with the recent storms, earthquakes, and other tragedies. Please continue to sacrifice and  give to help others in serious need. Realize that there are people within several hundred miles of you who do not have a roof over their head as a result of a hurricane or earthquake.

If you would like to see your gifts make a direct impact on the lives of others, please consider supporting our current missions in Mexico and Haiti.

This week, we return to Cayette, Haiti, to add 20 more roofs that were destroyed almost a year ago in Hurricane Matthew. (Thankfully, Haiti did not get hit by Hurricane Irma.)

We have pastors on the ground in Oaxaca, Mexico. They still need tarps almost 3 weeks after many people lost their homes. These tarps are greatly needed today, and we are sending the resources directly.

We buy all supplies on the ground in Haiti and Mexico (it is more cost-effective than shipping from U.S., and supports the small business communities we serve.) It takes about $500 for each metal roof in Haiti, and only $60 for a large tarp in Mexico.  Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated!

Please share with your friends. You can see your offerings at work right here on this site!

September 19, 2017

Ground hog day…… up early again. Went over some requests with the pastor, said our good byes and headed back over the mountains towards Oaxaca. Another long drive. Seems like that’s all I’ve been doing is driving. It was hard leaving our knew friends not knowing what our next move will be but for sure we’re gonna try to get more tarps down there. We are headed to Mitla to have a late lunch with the family that we visited earlier on our way down south. From there on to Oaxaca. As we ere driving through the mountains I was seeing fresh rockslides from the mountains. I figured it was from the daly tremblers that keep occurring. Once we got to Mitla, Avalia the lady of the house we would be eating lunch at meet us with the news that there had been another earthquake. This one seems to have caused some major damage in the city of Puebla. It also did some damage to the Mexico City International Airport. After lunch my focus turned to wether or not I will be able to leave the country. We headed to Oaxaca and got a place to stay and started the phone calls to Delta. With all the craziness, no one can me any info. I’m gonna head to the Oaxaca airport around 5:00 AM and keep my fingers crossed. As far as the tarps go, we left about 50 and the pastor will distribute and assist in installing them. He will send us some pics. Totally good with this. This was a short trip but now I wish we could’ve stayed. I anticipate a quick turnaround trip. We are surly gonna need your financial and prayer support. This is not a good situation. There are sure to be more quakes on the way. Only God knows for sure and He will somehow be glorified through all this. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


September 18, 2017

Up early and back on the road in search of tarps. We hit the banks to exchange US dollars for pesos and then headed off to the mom and pop hardware stores to locate tarps. We did locate more tarps. I think we have about 50 or so. That will be a good start. This is an all day affair and we are headed back to Oaxaca tomorrow. The plan is to leave the tarps with Pastor Juan and allow him to distribute them as needed on a case by case need. It is unfortunate that we can not be a part of the distribution but have total confidence that the tarps are in good hands. Pastor Juan will take pics and report to us and as he does we will post pics for our followers. In the morning will make our way back to Oaxaca stay the night and fly out early Wednesday morning. At least that’s the plan. When we arrived back in Iztaltepec with the tarps you would have thought we were carrying the holy grail. The folks were so excited. Pastor Juan was not available when we got back late this afternoon so he will start the distribution in the morning. Usually we are a part of the process but this is a unique situation so all we can do is turn it over to him which is what needs to happen anyway. We will bed down for the night and get up early then have a conversation with the pastor before heading out. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

September 17, 2017

We did make it to Oaxaca and painfully negotiated a vehicle and found a killer hotel for a great price. Pastor Felipe was not able to join us so it’s just Nataniel and I. After a much needed nights rest we rose early to start the 4-5 hour drive over an incredible mountain range. Fortunately pastor Felipe did some leg work via coconut telegraph and touched bases with some folks on the way down and got us a contact once we arrived. Our first stop was in a really cool little town called Mitla. We are going there to meet a sister from a church that pastor Felipe and his wife Anna knows. Here name is Evelia. We ate breakfast with her family and she had some great info and contacts at ground zero. They are 4 hours from the epicenter and while we were eating a trembler started and our chairs were beginning to shake. Crazy! After our food we took off over the mountains and headed to Juchitan pronounced, who che tan. A beautiful drive on a very curvy two lane road. We were trying to get to Juchitan before dark due to potential road thieves. We did make it to the town and was met by a pastor named German. He immediately took us on a destruction tour. As I expected there was much damage and at count 98 deaths. They say they are still expecting the count to rise. There are a lot of police and army dudes everywhere. They look very intense. It looks as though in the town they are maintaining some sort of relief effort. Hard to tell for sure. I asked the pastor about small communities outside the town so he took us to a place called Ixtaltepec, pronounced es tal ta pec. There we hooked up with a pastor and we did a night walking tour of the community. There are some heavy issues here. Everyone is sleeping on the streets because so many homes are damaged or lost and trembles happen several times a day. There is no place to stay here. A family has taken us in and we are sharing their safe space. Tomorrow we will have to make a plan. I know He will give us discernment. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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September 16, 2017

Once again Conscience International and Give Me Shelter Ministries will partner up and head deep into Mexico to the town of Juchitan in the state of Oaxaca. This was the epicenter of the earthquake that struck last Friday the 7th around midnight. I will meet my friend and son of one of my Latino pastors, Nataniel Hernandez from Nuevo Laredo in Mexico City. From there we will fly together to Oaxaca, rent a car and find a place to stay. We will do a four day assessment, do what we can and head back home with a plan to hopefully come back. I expect it to be much like the Haiti earthquake minus the massive condensed population that Haiti has. We will see.


Earthquake and Hurricane relief efforts by Give Me Shelter Ministries…

Kenny is joining Pastor Felipe and his son Nathaniel in Oaxaca, Mexico today for an assessment of earthquake damage in that area. Kenny will report back and let us know what we can do as a mission to help those in need in Mexico.

Kenny will also be working closely with his church, Seeker Fellowship, and The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, to find opportunities to help here in the states. Stay tuned for your opportunity to serve and support!

Thank you for all you do!

June 10-11, 2017

As I approach the end of this trip, I can reflect on how Gods hands were truly on us and the village. As we left Les Cayes and headed east we stopped in St. Louise de Sud a small coastal village were we helped re build a house last October on our first trip post hurricane Mathew. We saw some fishermen pulling in a net and wanted to see the catch. We ended up buying some fresh shrimp and fish. The shrimp was cooked immediately and devoured but the fish went home with Harry for later use.

We hung out for a short while and talked to the people then blasted off east and then north over the mountains to Port au Prince and then on to Harry’s home in Croix des Bouqette. I stayed with Harry’s family for the night and half the next day until time to head to the airport. Once I did get to the airport to head back to my family and home I realized how much our Father had allowed us to do. This could not have happened without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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June 9, 2017

Today was the last day in the village and what a day it was. All roofs were completed by 11:00 AM. We did a total of 17 roofs, one more than planned. We did have to pick up a few more sheets of metal this morning and get them up the mountain. We returned around 3:00 PM for a really nice gathering of the people in the village. They had some very nice encouraging words for us and we prayed and sang. It was very humbling. I spoke to them and thanked them for all their cooperation and shared with them. We asked them to pray for Gods provision and to keep their faith. Awesome day other than the heat. Today was one of the hottest days I think I’ve ever experienced. I look forward to getting back home to share with anyone who will give me the time. We will return soon I hope, with enough funds to do 20 more roofs. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

These are most of the people that got new roofs.
Saying our good byes for the time being.

June 8, 2017

We picked up the last of the material for the roofs today. It was also the largest amount so far of sheet metal, 201 pieces. We were able to do 17 roofs, one more than our 16 that we had planned to do. PTL.

Although I am not directly involved in the physical task of applying the metal on the roofs, it has been a daunting task to gather and deliver the supplies. Most people are so excited with the project. I say most, because the ones who have to wait are bummed out because they too want and need a roof. That’s why I called for a meeting today with the elders. We discussed the project, respect, patience, accountability and most of all faith and prayer. We are a small drop of water in a large ocean of need and our resources are limited. We need their leadership to help us to make this a success.

In this meeting we learned that after the hurricane some NGO’s did come up to the village and promised them they would be back to help but they never came. I understand their apprehension. Oh my, they are so grateful. I told them that I cannot take one ounce of credit, all glory goes to God. We are also finding out that there are actually 3 villages in the same area. We scouted out some new areas toward Port Salut just to get a feel for future possibilities.

My task will be to come home and share our project with as many people who will listen and pray that their ears and minds will be opened. We need financial help to keep this project going. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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