Mission Accomplished, Praise God!

This is the day that always seems to be the best for me, the day of the house dedication ceremony. I will admit it is very difficult for me emotionally. Knowing the appreciation of something so simple that we as such a fortunate country take for granted. I will always wonder why God chose me of all people to taste the true sweetness of His grace and mercy through what He allows us to do through GMSM.
As we arrived to the new home of the Quientero’s Pastor Felipe was already waiting. We kind of just hung out for a few minutes as we waited for all the players to show (Felipe’s family and the Quientero family). Even Juan the neighbor showed up for the gig. This is the guy I shared with a few days prior. As Felipe read from God’s word to dedicate this house as a light to Colonia Artista I could not help but reflect on why some people refuse to understand or accept what we do. The pure joy to serve God and to see the stoke on the faces of this family, I wish all believers could experience what God has allowed us to be a part of this week.
After the dedication we presented house warming gifts along with a cool toy for the little dude. With many handshakes and hugs everyone started to disperse. Once again at the nudging of the Holy Spirit I felt called to share a little more with Juan. In the presence of Felipe and Jose I told Juan all I could and then just turned it over to the Lord and my two compadres. They spoke a few words and he indicated that he was ready for a true change in his life. We prayed with him and he prayed for Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
The harvest is many but the laborers are few. Praise God for His harvest. Felipe and Jose will continue to disciple Juan and train him in the ways of God. Great trip with many blessings! The Kingdom was expanded which is the true essence of what we do.