Mexico, July 1st and 2nd, 2009 – the last days of a long journey

I make no apologies but the last two days were difficult and crucial. I am just now tying up the loose ends. Sometimes I can be my worse obstacle. Wednesday the 1st proved to be a critical day for the new home that we were building. It has been so very hot that we had to take many breaks to cool off. We worked very late on this day and I new that Thursday the final day, we would be cutting it very close time wise.

Most times getting a task done may not be as important as building relationships but this was a situation that meant having a roof over ones head or not. I know what we all were going home, so this was and always will be a no-brainer for me. We will complete the job.

Wednesday night we lost two of our crew. They felt that they needed to leave early, so come Thursday morning they were gone. You could say that may have put us in a desperate situation but God did what He always does when we walk in his will. I prayed that God would stop the sun for a while and I am almost sure He did. It seemed as though time had stopped for a while.

This day went smoother than the rest, the work seemed light, the weather was cooler and with help from Jose who helped with the roof and many of the youths helping hands we actually got done early. This day is always the celebration day for this particular mission trip. We delivered about 250 food boxes to the colonia Blanco Navidad, finished up VBS, cooked lunch at Felipe’s church, finished the house and had the house dedication ceremony. It is always such a joy to see the keys handed over to the new owners. Raul and Tomasa were very stoked and so were we. After the house dedication we ate the fellowship meal with Felipe’s family at the sacred Polo Buenavista. Tomorrow we pack up and clean the host church and head towards Houston and then on to FWB, FL. It will be good to get home. It was good being with the family the last week down hear. What a great three weeks it has been. What an adventure. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.