Letter From Kenny to the Church

Dear Church:

I would like to thank everyone for the incredible donations and gifts that were provided for the Christmas Mexico Mission trip.

If you sponsored one of the children who live at Casa Hogar Elim Oprphange you will be receiving two pictures of your sponsored child, one on a Christmas ornament and the other a regular photo.

Additionally, if you supported the trip in any capacity you will be receiving a 5X7 glossy picture card with several pictures on it. Below are some of the “highlights” of the trip that you might find interesting:

1- Dr.Tony Clark and his wife Cara did some amazing dental work. I’m not sure how many were treated, but everything from cleanings, to extractions, to oral surgery took place at the orphanage.

2- We (I use the word “we” very loosely) cut up and cooked about 600 lbs of chicken (156 chickens), made gallons of slaw, mac and cheese, and pinto beans, I think we ultimately fed over 700 people in the 2 colonias. And, not just any meal. It’s not everyday they get to eat grilled chicken like that!

3- We fed a Christmas meal to the orphanage kids- they ate A LOT.

4- We gave out numerous coats and gifts in the colonias.

5- We delivered 2 wrapped gifts for every kid at the orphanage to be opened up at Christmas

6- We bought 86 school uniforms

7- We (just our mission team) consumed enough salsa, guacamole, and chicken, to feed the entire city- maybe twice!

So, overall, I think it was an AMAZING trip. Thanks for making it special. I look forward to having the opportunity to visit your church and share with you about the Christmas Mission to Mexico.

God Bless You,
Kenny Phillips
Give Me Shelter Ministries