Leaving For Haiti Today

We are very thankful for the nearly $23,000 provided by supporters of Give Me Shelter Ministries for this trip to Haiti.

Kenny and Brother Chuck of Truth Evangelistic Ministry will fly into the Dominican Republic today, January 22, 2010.  With the help of two other organizations, Love A Child and Caribbean Missions, Kenny and Chuck will cross the border into Haiti  to deliver drums of fuel for generators, and as many rice and beans as we can load in. 

We are visiting all our usual spots — Dottie’s Guest House in Port Au Prince (we won’t be staying, but praise the Lord she and most of the children of the orphanage survived), and up to Z’Orange and Jerusalem churches.  We will provide as much water as we can purchase to all our Brothers and Sisters.  We will fuel the generators to pump the wells too.  These churches you’ve helped build can be an area of relief for many who are fleeing the city for the country.

Needless to say, we need your prayers more than ever on this mission.  It is important for us to return to the people and their churches with whom we’ve become so close and successful in spreading the Gospel in this already impoverished country.  Pray that our supplies and missionaries make it to the Christians who bring so much hope to people in a country where there was little to begin with, and basically none now.

We know that there is hope in any situation through Christ, and it is important to help spread the Word of God to a society who generally does not know Him.  Thank you again for helping us reach out to fellow humans who have nothing like the blessings we have here at home.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!