June 8, 2017

We picked up the last of the material for the roofs today. It was also the largest amount so far of sheet metal, 201 pieces. We were able to do 17 roofs, one more than our 16 that we had planned to do. PTL.

Although I am not directly involved in the physical task of applying the metal on the roofs, it has been a daunting task to gather and deliver the supplies. Most people are so excited with the project. I say most, because the ones who have to wait are bummed out because they too want and need a roof. That’s why I called for a meeting today with the elders. We discussed the project, respect, patience, accountability and most of all faith and prayer. We are a small drop of water in a large ocean of need and our resources are limited. We need their leadership to help us to make this a success.

In this meeting we learned that after the hurricane some NGO’s did come up to the village and promised them they would be back to help but they never came. I understand their apprehension. Oh my, they are so grateful. I told them that I cannot take one ounce of credit, all glory goes to God. We are also finding out that there are actually 3 villages in the same area. We scouted out some new areas toward Port Salut just to get a feel for future possibilities.

My task will be to come home and share our project with as many people who will listen and pray that their ears and minds will be opened. We need financial help to keep this project going. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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