June 6, 2017

We started the day by picking up materials for 4 more houses. We entered the village again to greet and meet and also to take an assessment on the progress. So far so good. This village is logistically a nightmare for delivering supplies. That’s why no one else is providing help. They tell us daily what a blessing we are to them. We quickly tell them not to thank us but Him who created this world.

The people continue to work with us but that is partly because Harry holds them to the fire on what our vision is. Some try to pull us in other directions but Harry will not allow it. I think tomorrow we will deliver the dresses made by the women from FBCFWB. That will be nice. We had a very long hard day today. We left around 8:00 AM and did not get back to our room till 9:00 PM. I’m good with it though. I just wish we could do more. I am grateful for all the people who support us to minister to others. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. things flow.

Making progress
Boss says hello
Hot, hard work!
Another roof completed!
Doing their part to get the roof on. It happens tomorrow.
Smiling face.