June 5, 2017

We arose early and headed off to the village. We met Maxi our main connection to Cayette. Harry and I hiked up the mountain to inspect the homes that are ready for us. There are 16 homes ready and it will be a daunting task to complete our planned project for the week.

Once we greeted the people and took a look around we scrambled back down to start gathering the materials. We spent the day picking up material for 4 roofs and dropping them off at the road. So far everyone has done their part getting the homes ready for the “tops”.

Each house sent a representative down to retrieve their allotted sheet metal and nails. On special situations we will supply some lumber or concrete. The drop off went without a hitch. The bosses are in place to work once the material reaches the village. We got word that almost two homes were completed in the short time left in the day. Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

Harry chatting with a young lady whose house is ready for the roof.
Harry counts out the metal sheets for each roof.
Getting the metal ready to hit the trail.