June 16, 2009 with Gulf Breeze Baptist Church

This morning started out with a text message from Kelly Stanford about perseverance from the book of James. This couldn’t have come at a better time as my day was greeted with a snag about getting the food down to Matamoras. I received an email saying that we had to fill out a financial application before we could move forward with the transportation and pick up of the food. This was never discussed over the last two weeks of conversation with the trucking company and Feed My Starving Children. There was nothing wrong with having to fill out the application except that I was down in here in Mexico and had no financial information with me. So I forwarded the email to Billy Gann (our board of director’s secretary) and asked him to fill out the application and fax it to the trucking company. He texted me back and said he need the address for the food to be delivered… Which I did not have. At this moment I knew that the evil one was trying to trip me up for the day. I had to step back and not wig out. I asked God to take this problem and deal with it the only way that He knows how. Praise God before the day was out all paper work has been taken care of and prayerfully this problem is complete and the food will be on its way.

Today was another beautiful day out in the Colonias at Pastor Felipe’s Church. There were at least 12 more children today than yesterday. As always, word gets out and the crowd may be bigger tomorrow. Gabriel did another wonderful job with the lesson and Gulf Breeze youth group did another wonderful job with singing, snacks, crafts, and recreation. It is such a blessing to see all this pulled together. After this we headed for the orphanage to do VBS and play with the kids. All in all it was a great day and a joy to be part of it.


Hey! I’m Tori Payton. I go to First Baptist Church of Gulf Breeze. I’m 14 years old and going into the 9th grade at Aletheia Christian Academy.

This mission trip is my second out of the country mission trip but first to Nuevo Laredo! Today was my second day to visit Pastor Felipe’s church in the Colonias and the orphanage. God has really been showing and teaching me a lot!

Today I had two major realizations/blessings. First I love kids, so to be able to work with them is super cool! I learned so much from them. One of them being that we take a lot for granted. Those children have nothing compared to what we are blessed with in America and yet their attitudes reflect Christ so much more than ours sometimes. They are always smiling and laughing and it is so great to see that!

Another thing that was a huge blessing to me was that I got to do everything that I love and have a passion for but I got to do for the honor and glory of God! I had the opportunity to sing, play soccer, and play with kids! It really made me realize that serving God doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. You can serve God doing the things you love the most! It’s amazing how we come here to serve and bless others but end up being blessed more than you can imagine! I have been having so much fun here and grown closer to God as well as the rest of my youth group!
Friends in Christ,
Tori <3