Haiti, September 12, 2011

Praise God from whom all blessings flow and all blessings do come from the God of creation. Time has run out for this trip down to Haiti. I will say that I am for sure ready to debrief myself and try to make sense from the senseless. We did have a good day today. Jeff, Harry and I went to Medishare hospital to speak with a person familiar with the things we are going through and he had a great ear and good advice.

To recap for all who are interested, we are unfortunately dealing with major accountability issues from a partner here. It makes me so mad that we have been put in this position. So we have had to pick up the pieces and move on towards the bigger picture which is the future of children in Haiti. With that said we are headed in the right direction to rectify the issue.

After our meeting with our new connection we took off up the mountain to the Baptist Bible College. It is drop dead killer gorgeous up there. Lots of history behind this place dating back to the 1920’s. We had to cut the visit short due to the fact that it is closed on Monday. How about that, another lesson learned. As Harry always says “we are always in school.” Tomorrow is travel day. I do leave with a heavy heart but a renewed spirit. I know we could never have pulled this off without all the prayers that were continually lifted up for us. Thank you all very much,


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