Haiti, October 21, 2012

Maurice and Harry enjoying some Haitian soup

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We had our great breakfast that Lita so faithfully makes for us and got ready for the taptap ride to the church. This would be a special Lords day because neither Nancy or Tim have never had the opportunity to visit a Haitian church service. It is always a blessing to worship FBC Santo 25. Lots of good music and a revved up guest pastor. Amazingly the church service was only about an hour and a half versus the normal two plus hour gig. After the service we ate lunch at a nice place with Harry. The original plan was for his whole family to be there but due to family issues his wife and daughter could not join us. Harrys brother Maurice did come by and it was great to finally meet him. We headed back to the crib and everyone did their Sunday routine, me I just hung out with the guesthouse boys. Tomorrow Nancy flys home and Tim and I head south for part two of the journey.