Haiti, October 20, 2012

Today was a somber day. They had the funeral for Harry’s mother early this morning. We stayed at the guesthouse at Harry’s request for reasons that only someone who has spent a lot of time down here can understand. Harry rejoined us around noon and I could tell that he was stressed. He has so much going on and he is being tugged in so many ways.

When he showed up we went up the mountain to the Baptist mission and hung out for a couple of hours. It is beautiful and a really nice place to visit. We came back down to the guesthouse in Tabarre and sent Harry on his way so he could be with his family. He really wanted to spend some time with us for stress release. We just chilled and took advantage of a well deserved lazy afternoon. Tomorrow is church day and it will be a long day. Praise God from all blessings flow.