Haiti, November 1, 2009

T.G.I.S. (Thank God It’s Sunday). Praise god from Whom all blessings flow. What a glorious last day in Haiti God has giving me. Usually we arrive in Z’orange on Sunday and leave on Saturday. My schedule is so different this time with me leaving Haiti early to get ready for the Mexico mission trip that my last day will be spent in worship with my Haitian brothers and sisters.
We went just a little north of Z’Orange to visit the Jerusalem IIII church. Right now this congregation is meeting under a thatched roof with crude post and beam construction. Our prayer is that God will build His church on this spot and let us have a part in it by whatever means He chooses love church here in Haiti, especially out in the country. God is so cool to let us see real worship at it’s finest. People coming together for the common purpose of church, the body of Christ joining together as one, not a bunch of spastic committees working against each other for the common purpose of a power struggle.
We can learn so much from things in which most people want to distance themselves from. I myself have to be careful not to fall prey to the things of this world. Brother Carl preached the truth and the locals sang as if they were angels from heaven. After church we went back to Z,Orange and had a great Haitian lunch with Pastor Dorleon, his wife and Jean Renel the associate pastor. Killer food, goat, rice and beans, fried plantains and greens.
I saw John Wesley’s wife today and talked with her for a little while. As of now they are not together again which seems to be an off and on thing happening between the two. I did not see him but I am very stoked at her commitment to God and the church. I never got to see Pastor Fani either. That saddens me greatly because I have grown to love him and his wife so much. He never came down off the mountain and may not for quiet some time. Next time down I plan to spend some time up with him, God willing. I feel as though I am cheating sometimes with all the blessings I receive serving God. Weather it is Haiti, Mexico or home the blessings I get I do not deserve, but God is so gracious to us and allows us to be a part of His plan if we are obedient and available. God’s plan will go on without us so we ought to take advantage and taste the sweetness of His grace and mercy. Please pray for Haiti.