Haiti Mission, February 14, 2011

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. The answer to a prayer has finally been answered. We have been praying a long time for a new direction in Haiti and God has opened a door that I am stoked to step through with Immanuel United Methodist Church out of Lakeside Park, Ky.

I am traveling with Kelly McClendon (lead pastor), Jeff Poland, Joe and Amy Jackman, Kristen Getsy, Quentin and Ardith Davis. Dale Winslette has tagged along to assist with GMSM and help with the mission at hand. All has gone fantastic thus far.

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All our oversized gear was loaded with out incident and extra charge. Thanks go to American Airlines for helping us with all our big stuff. Believe me the charge for oversize stuff can be ugly. We are on our way to Haiti as I chicken peck through this blog. We will meet Harry, Matt and Fede at the airport. From there we will load up our gear, change money, get groceries and head up the mountain to Peligre. This will be an exciting time for all and I look forward to seeing all my new friends.

Wow! Things went incredible well for Haitian standards. Our luggage dude was there waiting. His name is Chery and it would not have been easy with all our gear had Harry not set this up for us. He got us through the maze of craziness that is typical of most places that is lined with people looking to make a buck.

Once through we were met by Matt and Fede. What a blessing to have things run smoothly this far. From there we hooked up with Harry and got our gringo dollars changed into Haitian goudes. We stopped by the Deli Mart that has recently reopened since the earthquake and got all our groceries. Now starts the 2 ½ hour drive up to Peligre.

So far the team has been fantastic. I love this drive. It has been a very long, hard day and was dark when we arrived at the orphanage in Peligre. Word is that it has been raining at night up here which is unusual for this time of year. We unloaded all our chum and started getting everyone situated when all of a sudden the bottom fell out of the sky. PTL that it did not happen any sooner or it would have been ugly. Fede’s wife cooked a fantastic Haitian meal that stands up strong to any I have had. I am beat, good night