Haiti Mission, February 15, 2011

After a somewhat good night’s sleep I awoke to the sweet sound of roosters, dogs and goats. Praise God for earplugs because there was plenty of log sawing going on. Today would be a day of orientation and just getting familiar with the mission at hand. Fede has an orphanage with 36 children and a school with 150 students. He has great vision for the ministry that God has given him and I am praying that God will allow us to continue to work side by side with Fede and Matt.

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Matt is the young man that turned me on to this place and a big part to an answered prayer. This place is clean and you can tell that Fede and his wife Darlene work very hard here. These are such sweet people. After some breakfast and more surveying I went over to the dam to get a cell signal. I called my sweet dear wife Kim to check in and was greeted a total bummer. She told me that my friend and brother waterman Yancey died while out in California surfing. He was doing what God put him on earth to do. This dude had such an impact on the local and national surf scene. He was someone I looked up to so much when I was a grommet. Over the last several years we started growing closer together. He loved our ministry and supported it monthly. I was so stoked when he got on board with us and he constantly encouraged me. We talked often on the phone and were surfing some together. I had just spoken to him and he told me he was heading out to California. Man I am so bummed because I am here in Haiti and cannot be there for his funeral on Saturday. The only comfort I have is that I know he is living the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ that is given to all who believe and call on his name. I also know that he would rather me be here serving the people of Haiti.

It’s been so cool watching the team go through all realms of emotions, from culture shock to total amazement. What’s even cooler is being down here with my cousin Jeff. He and the rest of the crew from IUMC have just fallen in place like they have been here forever. Jeff, Dale, Christen, Fede and I had to run up to a town 45 minutes away called Mirebalise. We went there to pick up some food supplies for the orphanage. The rest of the crew stayed and enjoyed the kids.

We had a beautiful church service with the typical 2 hours of worship. This is a Baptist church too. That would not fly in most if not all SBCs. Some purse string puller would be calling for someone’s job. Praise God they do not let junk get in the way of true worship. I have always loved to worship here in Haiti. It helps me to understand the way I feel about most corporate worship in the states. Pastor Kelly lit it up from the pulpit. He had fire in his eyes but spoke with a gentle humbleness. We were blessed with great singing from several groups. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, He gave us a great first day.