Haiti Mission 5-23-13

I awoke to the same sounds that always awake me in Haiti. Last night I was presented the task of making a decision. I guess that’s one of the perks for being the “leader”. Since we were in a private plane we had the flexibility to do what we want. With that said some of the guys were willing to cut the trip short so we could get on back. The decision was left up to me that if there was nothing pressing then let’s head back but if stuff needed to be done then we stay. I did have a few things to do but it was nothing that Harry could not take care of. So I submitted to the wishes and made plans to cut out of here a day early.. We first took a quick flight over the mountains to Jacmel where one day we will be doing some outreach ministry. It’s a beautiful place and always a treat to visit. It only took us ten minutes to get there by plane. It usually takes us two and a half hours to get there by public transportation. We headed back to Port to do the paper work to get out of Dodge. I went over some last minute instructions for Harry and left it all in his hands. He is totally dependable and we have no worries with him. This was an incredibly short trip but I did accomplish for the most part what I set out to do. And that was to introduce Beachside Community Church, Fort Walton Beach, FL. to the Evangelical Baptist School of Trinity in hopes of casting our net further out to reach new and more partners. As Harry always says,”God knows”. Another great thing that happened was that Pilot Steve Merritt had gotten twenty seven refurbished lap tops from Capital One and gave us ten for the school. The other seventeen went somewhere else in Haiti. So big, big props to Bahamas Habitat. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. It was a good trip fruitful trip.

photo 23-1
Harry and I getting ready to board the Aztec headed to Jacmel.
photo 23-5
The Jacmel airport.
photo 23-4
The beaches of Jacmel.
photo 23-3
The mountains from the air going south to the coast.
photo 23-2
Harry the co- pilot. Yeah right !