Haiti Mission 5-22-13

After a great meal and a good nights sleep at the guest house, we woke up to the usual sounds of roosters, dogs, goats or whatever happened to be hanging out beyond the walls of Mon Chez Moi. I gathered the troops for todays mission. Harry and Rony the taptap driver came and took us to the school. This was a special day because as I said in an earlier blog this is a trip that was about two years in the making. Today Shaun will see the school and the things that the Lord has allowed us to do. Once we got to the school the crew met the teachers and the staff. We were greeted with welcome songs from the kids and these guys got to see the school in full operation from classes, P.E. to lunch and then back to classes. After a few hours we took the team over to the construction site of Harrys house. The roof was put on it last month and we are inching closer to a complete project. All we lack is finishing and money to finish it. From there we grabbed some grub at a local hole in the wall and headed back to the guest house. Tomorrow will be a new day and we may be headed to the Jacmel on the south coast. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

photo 22-1
P.E. Students can’t live by work alone.
photo 22-2
Washing their hands before lunch.
photo 22-3
The lunch line.
photo 22-4
Giving thanks while the class clown looks on.
photo 22-5
hard to learn when your stomach is flat. Lunchtime.
photo 22-6
The lunch ladies preparing lunch for the kids. As you can see we are still cooking outside. Please pray that one day we would have a small kitchen so prepare the lunches. It will cost around $6000.00 to construct using Haitian labor and bosses. I’m just saying………
photo 22-7
Larry, Steve, Shaun and Pastor Harry stand in front of the school.
photo 22-8
The new roof on Harrys house.
photo 22-9