Haiti Mission 5-20-13

This is a trip that is about two years in the making. As we move forward in the adventures set before us it is exciting to see how God puts pieces of the puzzle together. For the longest time Shaun Ellis and I have tried to get to Haiti. The dots have finally been connected. Shaun who is the lead pastor at Beachside Community Church and one of his staff, Larry Holmes has joined GMSM on a trip down to the school so they can see the students, teachers and the progress we’ve made the past two years. We also have a gentleman whose name is Steve from North Carolina. He is a pilot and has a mission called Bahama Habitat. They have flown many missions to the Bahamas and Haiti since the earth quake. They have several private planes that serve both areas. He is also connected with a mission in Eleuthera , Bahamas called Bahama Methodist Habitat. This is where we will spend the night on the first leg of our trip. The aviation mission group has donated a 6 passenger, twin engine plane to Beachside to use between Haiti and Mexico. So GMSM gets to do the shake down flight. Wow what a flight it was. We left Destin airport and topped off fuel in Orlando and then flew straight to Eleuthera. Once we landed in Eleuthera we parked the plane and went through customs. Steve drove us around a little bit and then we went to the mission to settle in. I’ve always wanted to go to Eleuthera and here I am. The surf is good on this island during the winter time. When we get up we will go to North Eleuthera to fuel up, visit a children’s home and then head on over to Haiti. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


photo 1
The crew Kenny, Shaun, Larry and Steve.

photo 2
Bahama beauty.

photo 3