Haiti, June 6, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Although the night was not as restful as it could have been, we were blessed to have a roof over our head. We were up early and took off to the orphanage to visit the kids. Once there we loved on the kids and waited for Russ’s group to show up. When they did arrive we talked some more and took notes on the specifics that need to take place for this place to survive.

We had one more pow-wow and then prayed and we were on our way back across the mountain via the beach. As always it is a long tough ride across the mountains but it is always rewarding to go and see the kids. God provided some extra funds for us to leave with the orphanage to buy some food for the kids and staff. What a blessing it was. We were all tired upon arrival to the guest house and all just went to their rooms and it was good day. Tomorrow we head to Malential to visit our dear friends Deacon and Val.