Haiti, June 5, 2012

What better way to start a day than with a good breakfast of fresh fruit and boiled eggs. This would jump start us for the trip to the coastal town of Jacmel. The first task was to negotiate a mini bus to take us over the mountain which we were successful in doing. The saying ” just one more” has a whole new meaning when it comes to public transpiration in Haiti. If there is room for one more person on the mini bus they put three more on. The drive through this part of Port is crazy yet very interesting and entertaining. The drive over the mountains in a very overloaded mini bus is even more insane. I happen to like the reckless abandonment but it can get a little nerve racking. But hey this is Haiti at it’s finest and until God allows someone to help us with a vehicle down here then this is what we do. We are actually getting really good at it and with Pastor Harry at the helm it always works out good.

We made it to the coastal town of Jacmel and got checked into Guys Guest House, grabbed lunch and headed for the orphanage. When we arrived the kids were at school but we met Pastor Russ and Abel there. We showed Nancy and Brent around and gave them a quick history of the orphanage. From there we had an impromptu meeting with several other folks about the plans for this orphanage and the kids. Russ and Abel were doing a outdoor revival at night for the week and invited Pastor Harry to speak so we got back to the guest house and ate got cleaned up a bit and headed out. We all rode motorcycles through the small urban trails of Jacmel till we came to a place called Demomtel where the ho- down was. As always the service was awesome with worship and preaching. The back drop of palm trees and stars made it that much more special. Beat up from the day we headed back to our crib for what I hope will be a good night sleep. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, what an awesome day.