Haiti, June 4, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We all got a good night sleep, had a killer breakfast and hit the ground running. So far this guest house has exceeded all expectations. The name of the guest house is Mon Chez Moui. I think that means ” the cheese is mine”… Just kidding, I don’t know what the heck it means but will find out.

We headed for the school so our guys could check out the work. Well it’s really Gods work not our work – He has just allowed us to join in and be a part it. This is a day that I have anticipated for a long time. Nancy, who has been in education for about 40 years agreed to to come down to help evaluate the teachers and encourage them. We have many people that want to help with the school but our foundation must be firm before we can start building. The school’s foundation is the teachers and their dedication to the Lord and the students. We know our teachers need more training but we will take small steps with them to make sure they understand we are not here to Americanize the school but to help them reach the students in a better way.

We have much work to do and know that God will continue to give us the discernment needed to see that the children get the best education possible. Students today, leaders for the future. Nancy had a good interview with the teachers so now we have something to work with. Brent and I just kinda did a lot of observing and I answered the many questions about the school, community, church, country etc.

We left the school and headed north just a bit to visit a school that has been around since 1979. The school master took some time out and shared her story and answered the many questions that we hammered her with. This meeting was helpful and informative but I am not sure their model applies to us. It was another long hard day in Haiti and I think everyone was beat, including me. It was also another successful day in Haiti. Tomorrow we get up early and head to Jacmel to the small orphanage that we are helping. This is also an area that we feel God will allow us to start a school. Should be another very cool adventure.