Haiti, July 8, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. What a glorious day of renewal it has been since yesterday’s, all hell breaking loose. I struggled all night wondering how I could have prevented yesterday’s events from happening. I could only come up with one conclusion, I could not have prevented it. If I knew that would have happened we would not have gone. So I refuse to let Satan have one ounce of satisfaction.

I went to Harry’s church this morning and what a beautiful service it was. I hope all our visitors can visit a service at First Baptist of Santo 25. The worship was rocking and the message was right- on. Talked about sin, ouch! The people were so sweet after the service. So many came up expressing how sorry they were that we had to deal with the junk of yesterday. They also told me that that can happen anywhere, not just in Haiti. They pleaded for me to stay the course and God will show us what to do. I really needed that encouragement and it was special coming from my Haitian brothers and sisters. I refuse to turn away from them, I will carry on towards the prize.