Haiti, July 28, 2011

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I got up way early this morning and read scripture, drank coffee and waited for my posse to awake. Deborah and Aiyana will be leaving this morning and it will be lonely not having my two new friends around to keep me straight. Aiyana kept me cool on the iPad stuff and Deborah just kept me in check. It has really been a blessing serving with these two.

Deborah hits work when she returns and Aiyana gets ready to leave for Washington State to enter college. They took off around 9:00 am and I waited for Harry to give me a call. I took a moto machine over to Harry’s property and hung out with the workers for the day and talked about future plans and ideas with Harry. I have not heard from Fede since yesterday morning which is kind of surprising in a way. He is a man of strange convictions. He keeps his plate way too full.

I really enjoyed the day with Harry. We never just have time to ourselves so it was cool. I hooked up with moto machine dude and got back to the guest house. I will say that this cat is a good safe driver. He is who Harry only rides with so I was cool with him.

Man it was quiet at the guest house. It is pretty much just Ashley, Nene, Emma and me. Nene and Emma are two Haitian people that work in the guest house and I am not really sure where they sleep. I think Emma may sleep with Ashley. Ashley is probably the sweetest young lady I have ever met. She is from Tennessee and you cannot mistake it. “Hi y’all prayze the Loward y’all got heyer sayf.” She is absolutely a pristine example of southern hospitality.

I will go back to Harry’s property in the morning and will hang with him for the day. I heard there was a little surf back home and hope it stays around for my return. It always gets the best of me and I end up calling the surf report just to torture me a little. I wonder if that qualifies as persecution. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, amen !