Haiti, July 14, 2012

Today was one of these special days in Haiti that would not happen if you did not have a man like Harry. So far in Haiti we have only come across one individual that was impossible to work with. I count that a blessing because there are corrupt hearts all around this world. Anyway, Harry had a surprise for me today. He’d been telling me for five or six days now that he had something special for me. Harry and I have grown to have deep respect and trust for one another and I count it a pleasure and blessing to call him friend.

We went to the church and hung out for a while. Nadege, Harrys wife showed up with some home made Haitian soup. It had goat, potatoes, carrots and all kinds of stuff that I’d rather not know about in there. The broth was incredible. This stuff was killer. That was my surprise, praise God a hand made gift from the heart. Most would think, what’s the big deal, but trust me this was a very big deal. That was a gift that is shared between folks that share a deep affection. The Haitians eat this often but I’m not sure how often foreigners get a chance to eat it. There is much more to Haiti than rice and beans. I think when people start trying to truly build relationships built on the principles of Christ, that’s when we will start seeing a difference. So this was a very special day and Harry’s family made my stomach “not flat”. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.