Haiti, July 12, 2012

I remember one time when I was feeling a little down because things were moving slowly for GMSM. Giving was down, partnerships were scarce and people just did not seen to be interested in what we were doing. I recall asking God why His work with us was stagnant. He let me roll around in my self pity for a few days, then brought me down hard. I went to our P.O. Box and there was a substantial gift for GMSM. As I was praising God for this he let me know it was not my self pity that brought the gift but the very fact that God is never stagnant, He is always moving.

With that said by some missionary standards today may have seen like a lame day in the field. The only thing I really had planned was to interview two potential hires for the upcoming school year. We are looking for a new first grade teacher and a fifth grade teacher. Sounds like a boring day until you start hearing testimonies and experiences of two Haitians you have never met. Yes the first thing I ask them is if they have a relationship with Jesus ( are you a Christian ) and ask them to tell me about it. Being a Christian is not necessarily a make or break deal with us, but we do teach Bible classes and we want our students to be around people who are solid in the Christian faith. On the other hand we can also be a witness to a non believer teacher. But I will say, Pastor Harry prefers believers. So it was not a stagnant day , it was very fruitful . The little things carry as much importance as the big stuff. I prefer the little stuff because it’s hard to find people who are comfortable to stay in the shadows. Once again no pics out of respect for the local people. Once we hire our new folks we will have pics of them in action. Praise God for whom all blessings flow.