Haiti, July 11, 2012

I had a little time to kill this morning due to Harry having to do some things in a office downtown. As the world started coming alive around the guesthouse I observed a young man beginning to tote concrete blocks in a wheel barrow. As he made his second or third trip I decided to follow him and see where he was going with the blocks. He was preparing a work area for the day, which is something I can totally relate to being in the construction business for 30 years. The best I could tell they were preparing to lay block for some outside showers. It never ceases to amaze me how things are done here. The labor is intense. You have to get your sand, get your mortar, get your shovel, get your water, go get more water, start the tedious work of mixing up your concrete on the ground. I know they exist but I have only seen one concrete truck in PAP and I’ve been in and out of here for at least 6 years.

So as I observed this young mans routine I just kinda fell in and started helping him. I guess my gift is not being afraid to do hard work and always wanting to lend a hand. Anyway this dude was puzzled at me wanting to help him. Soon the boss showed up and made sure the mixed concrete was to his liking and started laying the blocks. They do such precise work with very little resources, totally amazing how accurate their work is without any modern tools. After a while of me just watching the boss I decided they were due for a break. I bought each of us a coke and they were stoked. They were so appreciative. Coke is like the universal ice breaker. We drank our coke and they got back to work and I went on my way so they could continue to do what they do. I love the Haitian people. I did not take any photos of them working out respect to them. I hooked up with Harry and we a a day of cyber cafes, talking to one of our interpreters for a future team coming and lining up some meetings with potential teachers for the up coming year. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, another good day in Haiti.