Haiti, July 10, 2012

We did my favorite thing to do in Haiti today. Spend all day down town fighting dust and traffic and accomplishing nothing. We that’s not totally true we did get a few things done. We are still looking into legal stuff for the ministry. It can be tough connecting the dots and can make for a not so exciting day. I think I said one time in a blog about this same adventure that I think I would rather hit my thumb with a hammer than having to do this. But hey, one’s gotta’ do what one’s gotta’ do.

We got back to the guest house and was greeted by a pastor who was waiting for Harry and me. He came by to offer his apologies for what happened to us and encouraged us to stay the path. We prayed and that was really cool. It has been amazing at the outpouring concern and prayers we have received since all this went down. It’s been such a blessing. I know God is using this for his glory and it is in his hands. The people have been so kind. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.