Haiti, January 18, 2012

We started off by buying a gas stove for the FAVILEK ladies. If anyone reading this is not sure what this is talking about they will have to go to an earlier blog and get the details.

Anyway we were talking to these women and this was something they said they needed for their work headquarters. So that kinda hit hard with me and I figured we can help make that happen. So Harry and I took off to hunt down the stove and found it at MSC Plus, Haiti’s version of Home Depot. We got a surprisingly good deal and good deals in Haiti are very hard to come by. Once we scored the stove we got it back to the guest house for safe keeping. From there we visited a lawyer friend of Harry’s to talk to him about Non Government Organization aka NGO status for Haiti. For a long time I have felt this is something we should do. We are dealing in education now so it is time to make the move. We talk to this one lady who was recommended to us and she quoted us a $50.00 consolation fee which I was cool with but when she found out I was a Blanc the price went up to $250.00. So we were obliged to tell her in a very Christian way what she could do with her consoltation fee.

Which brought us to to Harry’s connection. This guys name is Immanuel and is a lawyer for a law firm. Harry at first had a hard time getting in touch with the dude so that is why we went with the recommended office. Once we knew this person was gonna burn us we made one more call to Harry’s bro and got through. We went to his house and talked about what we were trying to achieve. He was kind and spoke very wisely to us. Money was never discussed. He said that he and his team would get together to discuss the stategy and when they had their “goats in a row” he would let us know what organizational info he needed and then he would give us a fee and we could make our own decision on what to do. That’s the kind of people we want to work with in Haiti. That was a heavy burden lifted from me and I feel very confident about this. Actually I am pretty stoked. Tomorrow we will deliver the stove to the FAVILEK house and that will be a blessing for all. Praise God From whom all blessings flow.