Haiti, December 7, 2011

I will say this for a fact. This is the best guest houses to date that I have stayed at. I am truly stoked that Harry found this for me. There is a freedom here that I have not experienced in other guest houses. Harry and JoJo picked me up at 6:00 A.M. And we took off for Jacmel. Jacmel is a town on the south coast of Haiti. Harry and I have been talking about going down there for years but never had a reason until know. Some months ago I met a pastor from Idaho who had gotten himself involved with another Haitian pastor who has a small orphanage in the mountains above Jacmel. The Idaho pastor, Russ had many questions and he grilled me for info while in the PAP airport awaiting our return flight. He was very interested in the school we were starting and wanted to know and understand some of the things that he was experiencing. We talked for some time and agreed to touch bases once we returned to the states. We did start communicating and I promised him that I would go down and check his place out and give him my two cents worth. So that is what took us down south. Once we arrived we made contact with a few point people Russ had put us in contact with. We ultimately made it up to the orphanage and witnessed a pitiful sight. Although the 15 children had shelter they had very little food, no water, nothing to sleep on and none of the children had ever seen a doctor. This situation is worse than I have ever seen so far and I have witnessed some pretty bad stuff. This is all to familiar. The jury will be out until we can start gathering some proper info on this place. We did get food and water to them, a months supply, but I to have many questions. I am not sure this is for us to be involved in but now that we have seen the place I feel a moral responsibility to help Pastor Russ see his vision and offer what I can to help him secure a healthy environment for these children. There are four adults up there that help out on a volunteer basis. They too struggle with what to do with little to no resources. I am happy that God allowed us to do what we could. As Harry always says “God knows”. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.