Haiti, December 6, 2012

Nothing like a good night’s sleep to start off a long day in Haiti. We went to Mirabalas City today to get some money out of the bank and to receive some from Western Union. What a beautiful drive it was today. I have been down this road many times but today seemed so clear. We took public transportation which translates to twenty people in a 12 passenger van. Oh well it was cheap and on my budget I’m not complaining. Of course someone out there could buy us some transportation down here and it would make life much easier and safer. Until then I am content with riding with the locals.

Right before we reached Mirbalaise we were stopped by the ever so polite Haiti police department. We all had to get out and for some reason they kept moving me off by myself. I guess I looked a little out of place. Anyway I know what they were looking for and praise God they did not find it. They were looking for illegal guns. PTL I wasn’t packing mine….haha. This really was no joke. They really kept an eye on me and the young man with the AK47 that was taped together seemed like he was just looking for an excuse to see if it really worked. Oh well what is adventure without adventure?

They cleared Harry and me and we walked the rest of the way. I’m not sure what happened to the rest but I did not hear gunshots so all must’ve gone well. We got our cash and got out of that place. I’ve never felt good here in this town but it’s safer than PAP when dealing with cash. We got back to the safe haven of the church and finished up the Christmas gifts and called it a day. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.