Haiti, December 4, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. As always the days down here tend to start off slow but before too much time passes the snowball effect takes place.

The first stop was the school where I spoke with the teachers and introduced myself to our new fifth grade teacher. I had a brief meeting with Myrva, the school director to catch up and to inquire about the happenings at the school.

Then Harry and I spent many hours talking about the ministry, administration and the progress of the school. He’s a hard cat to pin down so when I get a chance I take full advantage of it. His plate stays overflowing at all times. We had decided that this year we would not do a Christmas party because we wanted to focus on the school finances only. The school to me is a more sufficient way to make a bigger impact. So as a board we thought that with the  finances the ministry has that we may be stretching it a bit and did not want to jeopardize the school funding. Last year we had many donations for the Christmas party but this year we were really wanting the school support so we could get through the year problem free. We are almost there, praise God. I guess sometimes you have to choose your battles.

With that said, several people heard about us not doing the party and they raised the funds for us to do something for the kids. At once my plans had to be adjusted. We decided that we would limit it to the school, a local orphanage and a school up in the mountains that we have close ties to. Whew!! That was a mouth full. So with that newly received news about the funding for Christmas that put in motion what to decide to give and how we will deal with it. I think the word is FLEXIBLE.

The afternoon was spent at the market and working with a lady we know there. She helps us get our goods without the locals jacking up the price on me. That’s pretty cool too because once they see an American the price changes dramatically.

All in all it was a typical day down here with no rest for the weary. There is much activity around the school and church. This country has many faces and you gotta be willing to flow with it. To whoever reads this blog please pray about the school and Christmas party and ask God how He would allow you to help. Thanks to so many people who make this ministry possible from their generous giving. Peace and blessings,