Haiti, December 4, 2011

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Back in the saddle again headed down south to my home away from home. I look so forward to seeing my true brother Harry and his family. As I sit on the tarmac at the Miami Int’l Airport waiting for something that sounds so strange to me (they are actually taking fuel out of the plane) I find myself thinking if we go down for lack of fuel I will be po ‘d haha. Two hours we waited. By the time we were up and flying I knew Harry would be wondering what the heck was going down. When we landed it was dark and I had so much chum for a one man show. With all the dental stuff and other Christmas party stuff it seemed apparent to some that I may be moving into the country. But as usual Harry was there to intercept me from the chaos of the outer PAP Airport madness. JoJo took me to the guest house Matthew 25 and it was a great feeling to be back here. Grabbed some grind that was saved back for me and settled in for what I hope will be a good night sleep.