Haiti, December 3, 2012

I gotta admit that this is and will be a tough trip. It’s the first trip down to Haiti since Dad passed away. We always talked about my adventures before I would leave and when I got back. He was always so supportive of GMSM and made sure that he let anyone in an earshot know what we were doing.

My trip started out in NYC where I stayed with my good friends Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer and her family. What a treat it is to see her. She has also been a great inspiration to our vision in Haiti. Her husband Herb and son were a hoot to be around. I had about a 3/4’s of a day to kill so we made the beat of it. Small price to pay for using frequent flyer miles. I hope and pray that someone out there will bless us with more miles, it really does help the budget and allows us to stay fresh down here which is 100% crucial to what we are doing.

I left NYC around 8:30am and got in PAP Haiti around 12:15. Wow much to my surprise they have finally finished the new arrival portion of the airport with new carousels and all. Very strange for something to be so easy in this country as this was to dismount the airplane and gather your chum and get on your way.

Harry was right there as always and we greeted each other with some sorrow and happiness. He really loved my dad. They were able to hang out several times and they shared the kindred spirit of farming so besides me they shared a great connection. Harry was so sad about the passing of my father. The last time I was down ( early October ) we were mourning the loss of Harry’s mother. So it was a little somber to say the least.

Anyway we hit the ground running which is easy when traveling alone. I am in my element when I can just sit on GO and be ready to roll at a moments notice. The first thing we did was get in touch with a mission organization called Help for Haiti out of Lake Worth, FL. We have reestablished our connection with Feed My Starving Children, a food ministry from Minnesota that used to help us in Mexico. They hooked us up with Sandra Koch who is the director of Help for Haiti. Through her we were able to secure 60 boxes of FMSC food. All we had to do was pay for the shipping. We got 12,900 meals for about .23 cents each. This will help to start a food distribution ministry out of the school and church.

What a blessing it will be to not only feed the word and academics to these kids but also send them home with some food for their bellies. Sandra is a very nice lady and I think this will be a great partnership. She already has the container shipping down to a science so for the mean time we just piggyback with her. She has already invented the wheel. We certainly do not need to try and reinvent it. God really does look after his own. Praise God from whom all blessings flow,