Haiti, August 8, 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We were up early to catch the bus out of town and over the mountains to Jacmel. The drive is breathtaking once you get out of the craziness of Porttail Leogane and Carrefour. It takes about 2 hours to get to Jacmel and it gives one the opportunity to see the natural beauty of this country. For years people would tell me how horrible this country is but they could never see past their noses. Yeah, this place has it’s pit falls but so does everywhere else. This world likes to use Haiti as the perpetual whipping post.

I love introducing people to this part of the island and we are so glad God opened a door for us here. The team was totally stoked with the beauty of the ride and when we reached the coast they were like OMGosh. Haiti has many faces, and true they are not all good to look at, but this one is.

We got to our hotel and Pastor Harry really outdid himself this time. He got us a killer rate smack dab on the beach and very close to our ministry opportunities. We got settled in and headed out to the village of Demontrel. Once there we had about 70 kids and a handful of adults waiting on us. The team had organized many games for the children that supported the walls of Jericho story in the Bible. It was a fun and great afternoon of worship and fellowship with the kids. We finished the day with a good grind session (supper) at one of Harry’s and my favorite cheap restaurants. Then we headed back for the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Kenny, GMSM