Haiti, August 6, 2012

After such a great Sunday with Harry’s family and church, I was not sure if today could come close to the awesomeness of yesterday. I was totally wrong. Today was another special day in Haiti. It all starts with the heart and the selfless acts of grace and mercy. Yeah, the kind that Christ showed us while hanging on the cross. That heart beat comes from a holy spirit-lead team which is exactly what God has given us.

Today’s agenda was to help begin construction on the shower and do a mini conference on the roles of the pastor and church. When we arrived at the church Jeanette was there. What a wonderfully cool lady she is. I have known her since I’ve been coming to Haiti and she will help with the team. She is a gentle spirit and a very giving person. She hit off perfectly with the team, as I knew she would, but especially with Holly.

To my surprise, Junice, our 3rd grade teacher, was there and he ended up working all day long. He busted his butt with the shower crew. Debbie, Kevin and I met with the church workers about the biblical model of the church and pastor. Most of these folks were in their late teens or twenties. As we began teaching I realized maybe they should be teaching us. They were so kmowlegable and receptive to God’s word and seemed to cling to every word we said. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed that kind of hunger. We were all feasting on God’s word. Totally amazing how the holy spirit works in a way that is pleasing and understandable even through a language barrier.

The work was started on the shower, and as with most Haitian projects, it was like, well let’s just say slow. Which is cool in a way because it forces you to be patient and open your eyes more. After carrying many blocks, mud and sand the team pulled together and started some yard work around the school and church. It was totally beautiful to see all just jump in without hesitation.  Harry was so excited which made me very excited. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.