Go Tell it on the Mountain

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Today was a day that was way overdue. I was able to finally get up to the mountain to see one of my favorite families. This was especially good because I was able to take Dale and Seth for their first trip up. It might have also been their last. It is a trip that is not for the faint of heart and is a difficult one even for one in the best of condition.

We drove the beast and van up to Z’Orange where our first stop was Daniel’s house, the voodoo priest. Chuck wanted to say hello and give Dale and Seth some voodoo time. We hung there for only a short time and then went on in to the village. We gathered a few things, prayed and then the five of us Pastor Harry, Dale, Seth, Ramon, a young boy who Harry is mentoring, and I took off to Utopia. Colnmbeea is a place that I feel very comfortable and a place that God allows me to feel at home.

As we ascended to the mountain you can see that there is not much traffic up that way. You can only get there by walking and it is a hard climb. This area is still very pure and not yet touched much by the outside world. I wish it could stay that way but there are many needs and most those needs will not be met without gringoism. At least that is what gringo land thinks.

As we approached the top you could see God’s perfect portrait painted by His fingertips. I have been blessed beyond measure to have spent so much time up here with the people and the family that I have grown to love as my own. God has been so cool to me for reasons I am not sure of. I know that I do not deserve his grace and mercy but He freely gives it to me. God requires me to be obedient and I do try though I fail many times. He never gives up on me. God has placed two families in my life Pastor Felipe and his family in Mexico and Pastor Fani and his family up on the mountain. It was so good to see Madam Fani and her son Cado.

As usual once we arrived I was expected to greet the church with a word from my heart and a word from God. I met with the Pastor and his assistant and talked about the church and a few problems that needed to be addressed. I do have some comfort in the fact that Baptists did not invent church problems, man did and even way up here they experience some of the same issues we do.

I also met with Madam Fani and talked about her situation now that Pastor Fani has passed and is living the hope and promise that God gives us through his son Christ Jesus. We also spoke about the house that we will be building for her and the details of the process. Dale and Seth got to play with the kids which is a total blessing in itself. I only wish I could have stayed up there longer but that will happen. I know God will allow me to venture back soon and without an agenda. We headed back down which is no cake walk in itself and took the surreal drive back through Port au Prince in the dark.