Destruction and Beauty in One Place

So good to get a shower and a good nights sleep. The day started with Harry and some bros coming over and unloading the six 55 gallon drums of gas and diesel. From there it was just putting ducks in a row and getting ready to head out for the day. Simon comes by to help and to get helped. He lost several family members and him and his family are on the street. Simon is a dear friend of ours and is always so helpful we are down. We gave him a financial gift which is only a temporary fix. People are going to be without homes for a long time.

We left Dottie’s with some food and headed towards Harry’s church where people were in dire need of something eat. When we arrived they were having service. There were about 300 people at the church. Chuck addressed the congregation and Dale and I helped some of the church members make food bags. Each food bag had one large coffee can of rice, one small soup can of beans and one can of sardines. Each person also received a bottle of water and some oil. All in all God provided for 270 people, a very small contribution to an unbelievable need. This does not even register on the scale of meeting the masses.

We knew coming in that we were only going to be able to do so much. And that so much is trying to help the folks we know and the areas they live in. From there God will direct us where he wants us to be. Harry did such a great job with his church and keeping his people in orderly control during the food distribution. Most places would have been total chaos given these circumstances.

We left the church and headed back towards Port Au Prince. We stopped across from the airport so Chuck could meet someone. Harry and I walked through a tent city right by the airport. As I walked around I spoke with several of the tent people. There were at least 1500 homeless people there and no one is helping them. People hurting in ways that we can never understand. It puts a whole new perspective on the term homeless.

The thing that really confuses us is this place is right by the airport where all the relief is coming in. Food, water, medical supplies, you name it. Nothing is getting one block away to help these folks, no food distribution or medical tents. For all these people there are only four porta-potties and a hose to wash off with. Makes you wonder why something like this takes place with all these big dollars going to these organizations that have to make payroll first then try and figure out where to start as people are starving and physically hurting right in front of their eyes. I really have to check myself and trust and know that God has a plan and will be glorified by all this.

With all the help that appears to be given to Haiti, I get this feeling that it is still being overlooked and the world is hoping that this problem will just go away. I have been working down here long enough to know that this earthquake intensified a problem… it didn’t start one. Pray for mercy as God allows us a glimpse of things to come. Christians must take action and proclaim the truth of Jesus as Lord and Savior, in every situation, including disaster zones.