Back in Haiti

Seems like every time I fly into PAP, Haiti, it just seems right. I feel like Haiti and Mexico are my second homes. I guess you can say you have really arrived in the midst of mission madness when you step of the plane in PAP to the look of uncontrolled confusion. Especially when you are by yourself and you’re not real sure what the pick up plan is. I knew Chuck would be here or there eventually, we just never nailed anything down for sure. That’s cool. I am used to flying by the seat of my pants. It is kind of humbling when you get bombarded by a bunch of people wanting to touch or tote your chum for a buck, let alone trying to taxi you to who knows where.  To tell the truth I like being in this situation sometimes. I think it helps build character and faith that what you are doing is right on with God. We headed off to the guest house to make a plan for tomorrow. Chuck and Simon showed up, and I look forward to getting out in the country to see some of my good Haitian brothers and sisters. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.