Oaxaca Earthquake Relief

Dec 1-3

Wow! How the wheels can move incredibly slow. There is a lot going on here and there are also many things to be aware of. Seems everyone is taking advantage of the situation. By that I mean that the local construction stores have made sure they are doing their part by increasing the prices.

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We have relentlessly tried to find a block maker to no success. We did find some block molds. We can save over half the cost for blocks by making them. We have secured only 3 bathrooms to be built but it’s a start.

I’m hoping for a quick return trip to be more involved with the process but that will require a longer stay which I am totally for. I think we can put a dent in the community with more time and also build a better local team.

As always we ran into a few snags along the way but we were able to diffuse the issues. Sometimes you gotta be tough to stay on task. With flight delays and travel time from Oaxaca to Ixtaltepec I thought things went fairly well. I can only pray we can gain more support for the latrine/ bathroom project.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.