Haiti mission Jan. 28

The foot trail to and from the village. This is the good part of the path.
Material drop off point on the main road. It’s up to them from this point.
Rolling up the tin to transport it by hand up the mountain.
Off to the village.
Going down the riven. Gotta go down before you go up.
Harry and I gathering some lattes for the roof from a street vendor.

Still the 28th
We went to a local hardware depot and picked up all the material for each house. This included metal zinc sheets, fasteners, cement and some lumber. We dropped off the material on the road and it was up to the locals at this point to get it up the mountain. Each house was represented for the pick up of material and it was so cool seeing the community pitch in to help. Tomorrow we will start construction and we will scout out the rest of the village and start assessment for the next homes to restore. I hear there is about 70 homes up there. We have also heard there is a local pastor. We will seek him out and have a conversation with him. So far things have gone as planned. Please keep us lifted up, this ha the potential to be a hard place for many reasons. Praise Hod from whom all blessings flow.