2017 Year End Fund Drive

As your family or organization look for giving opportunities to close out the year, think about this…

Can you imagine not having a roof over your head or the luxury of a bathroom?

Probably not. But there are many people in Haiti and Mexico TODAY who are living without these basic necessities due to recent hurricanes and earthquakes.

Your 2017 Christmas donation will go directly to putting roofs on homes in Haiti and building latrines for displaced residents in Mexico.

Give Me Shelter Ministries partners with churches and pastors in Haiti and Mexico to meet the direct needs of their congregations and members of their community who are in dire need.

There are few giving opportunities where your entire contribution will go directly to those in need. Thanks to our supporters throughout the year, we have the operating costs and expenses covered… your Christmas donation will go DIRECTLY to a roof and latrine.

Please prayerfully consider donating to help our current missions in Haiti and Mexico. You can see examples of roofs and latrines we’ve already completed at our website. You will be able to see the direct results of your gifts at work in the next few months.

Give Me Shelter Ministries is a registered non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you, God Bless You, and Merry Christmas,

Kenny Phillips
Give Me Shelter Ministries

Please share with your friends. You can see your offerings at work right here on this site!