Bagging Food in Haiti

You would not think that bagging up food could be so tiresome. Well that is what Dale and I did for about half the day. Chuck and Seth the solar guru helped until poppy said, “it is time to go son.” If it were not for some of the men from Pastor Harry’s church Savon Blonde Baptist Church in Croix de Bouquets we would not have succeeded.

We made 202 bags of food. Each bag should last about four days. Rice, beans, fish, oil, pasta, sauce and bullion were in each bag. After all the bags were filled we loaded them on the van and headed out to deliver the food. We brought Ivans and Blanco with us to help. We visited two tent cities.

The first was one of the larger ones of which I have placed many pictures on the website. This proved to be one very explosive time bomb. We always canvas the areas first to let the people know what we are doing. We also let them know that under no circumstances will the process be disorderly; if it is then we split. Well this was one of those times that just did not seem right. We did not have an escape route and were kind of hemmed in. Well things went from sketchy to total craziness. A fight broke out and we started scrambling to get in the van to book it out of there. We had a hard time maneuvering out and people started to crowd the van. We did not even get ½ the food out. Sucks when one or two people mess it up for the whole group.

We had no choice but to leave for our own safety. We hit a smaller tent area and it worked like clock work. I am always so bummed when we just do not have enough food for all. I pray that someone will come in behind us and continue. So many people are in need and the need is great. I am thankful to God for allowing us to do what we can through His power and love. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Amen.